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"O Primavera"

Schola performed the Spring 2013 concert three times: USM Gorham, Portland and Falmouth. The music presented here was recorded live at the second concert at The Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Portland on Friday evening, May 10th.

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Title Composer Featured Artists
1. Sing we at pleasure

Thomas Weelkes
2. It was a lover and his lass

Thomas Morley
3. O care, thou wilt despatch me

Thomas Weelkes
4. Cuopre tal vola il cielo

G. F. Handel
5. Phillis, I fain would die now

Thomas Morley
6. Hor che'l ciel e la terra e 'l vento tace

Claudio Monteverdi

7. As Vespa was from Latmos hill descending

Thomas Weelkes
8. Sich üben im Lieben - from Cantata 202

J. S. Bach
Erin Chenard;
Jessica Sytsma, violin;
Eliott Cherry, cello;
Bruce Fithian, harpsichord
9. I saw my lady weep

Thomas Morley
Christine Letcher;
Timothy Burris, lute
10. Thirsis and Milla

Thomas Morley Christine Letcher;
Timothy Burris, lute
11. Lamento d'Ariana
Claudio Monteverdi
12. Frost scene from King Arthur

Henry Purcell
Cupid: Molly Harmon
Cold Genius: John D. Adams
Violins: Jessica Sytsma, Madeline Kapp
Viola: Evan Cuddy
Cello: Eliott Cherry
Teorbo: Timothy Burris
Harpsichord: Bruce Fithian