St Mary Schola Listen to Some of Our Music

"Come, Ye Sons of Art"

Schola performed this concert twice in June, 2014, first in Portland at The Cathedral of St. Luke, and then in Falmouth at St. Mary's. You may read the program for this concert here!

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Title Composer Featured Artists


1. We Shepherds Sing

Thomas Weelkes
2. Why are you ladies staying? (The first part)
& Hark, I hear some dancing (The second part)

Thomas Weelkes

3. Come away, come sweet love

John Dowland
(c. 1563-1626)
4. What have the Gods (The first part) &
Methinks I hear
(The second part)

Thomas Weelkes

Sweet Birds

5. As wanton birds

Thomas Weelkes
6. Lo mi son giovienna

Claudio Monteverdi

7. Augellin

Claudio Monteverdi
8. Dolcissimo uscignolo

Claudio Monteverdi

I love Paris in the Springtime

9. Ma belle si ton ame 

Gilles Durant de la Bergerie
(1554 - c. 1614)
Soloist: Andrea Graichen,
Timothy Burris, archlute;
Kathryn Sytsma, viol da gamba
10. Aux plaisirs, aux délices bergeres 

Pierre Guédron
11. Qui veut chasser une migraine 

Gabriel Bataille
12. Revecy venir de Printemps

Claude Le Jeune
(c. 1528-1600)


Come, ye Sons of Art
Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

13. Come, ye Sons of Art - Symphony   


14. Come, ye Sons of art - Chorus I

15. Sound the trumpet
16. Come, ye Sons of art - Chorus II

17. Strike the viol

  Soloist: Bruce Canterbury;
Michael Albert, recorder I,
John Sytsma, recorder II

18. The day that such a blessing gave 

19. Bid the virtues 

20. These are the sacred charms 

21. See nature rejoicing 

Mary Jo Carlsen, violin I; Madeline Kapp, violin II; Evan Cuddy, viola; Trevor Lavenbein, natural trumpet; Micahel Albert, oboe I; William Britton, oboe II; Timothy Burris, archlute;
Bruce Fithian, harpsichord; Kathryn Sytsma, viol da gamba